Strategic regional planning (SRP) is an essential part of providing good democratic governance to citizens, since it brings together the long-term vision of regional development and the objectives to be achieved. The Council of Europe Competence Center for Good Governance (CEGG) helps the Lithuanian authorities to promote European best practices in this area. During these 12 months, the CEGG helped to develop a strategic regional planning guide adapted to the Lithuanian territories.

As a follow-up activity, the Competence Center will organize a capacity building workshop for Lithuanian Regional Development Councils on October 17, 2022 in Vilnius to update the new guidance and regional authorities on the method of applying the SRP - Rules of practice and methodology. . Additionally, participants will engage in interactive training routines in three separate working groups with the Council of Europe and experts from across the country to prepare different parts of a strategic regional plan, similar to:

Assessment of the environment and identification of problems SWOT components and their interrelationships problem definition

The technical assistance and sensible guidance provided to people should help them to develop skills and data, mainly based on the latest Council of Europe requirements, to draft regional plans, thus contributing to the overall regional improvement in the nation.

The workshop will be held within the joint CoE-EU project “Establishment of an institutional and monetary legal framework at the regional level of the capacities of counties to strengthen the high quality of regional public administration in Lithuania” in cooperation with the Lithuanian Association of local authorities.